Missing Emails?

Dear Alumni...Some emails from other alumni and this site are not getting through because of spam filters.In order to ensure you receive important messages from our alumni web site, as well as messages sent directly to you from other alumni, it's important you whitelist, safelist, or add to safe senders list, the email address... noreply@classcreator.net (that's a .net, not a .com).

Class Creator, the system that helps us operate our alumni web site, uses the address noreply@classcreator.net when sending out email messages. Be assured that all emails sent through our site are valid — you will not receive spam email. Whitelisting noreply@classcreator.net is the single most important thing you can do to ensure you don't miss anything happening on our site or miss receiving emails from your fellow alumni. Stop and take a moment to whitelist noreply@classcreator.net right now, and ensure you stay connected! Thank you...Mike Hanks