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03/07/22 03:13 PM #1    

Kathryn Nielsen (Gerber) (1973)

Is there going to be a 50 year reunion for the class of 1972?

03/08/22 06:50 PM #2    

Robert Strebel (1972)

Yes probably July 8 in Layton. Working on details right now. Hold on. 

03/09/22 09:46 AM #3    

Janice Johnson (Bush) (1990)

Thank you for sharing this information!

03/10/22 11:05 AM #4    

Jeffray Dale Droubay (1972)

THanks Bob:  Being in Virginia, I don't think I will be to the reunion this time.  

03/16/22 07:40 PM #5    


Ronette (Ronnie) Harvey (Griggs) (1972)

I should be able to attend with at least two months notice.

04/12/22 09:45 AM #6    

Robert Strebel (1972)


Class of 1972 50th Class Reunion

Morning Sports Events: Golf, Pickle Ball, Softball, Yoga

Evening Gathering at The Hideaway onn Angel, Layton Utah 5:00-10:00 

Car Show, Dinner, Games, Live Music, Socializing, Program

Call: Louise Inderrieden 801-628-4116, Barry Bell 801-347-7879, Bob Strebel 435-760-0543

04/12/22 06:06 PM #7    

John Wall (1972)

I see the time for the evening , what date?

04/13/22 08:43 AM #8    

Shirley LeCompte (Elgas) (1972)


Here is my address for the reunion invite:              Email

Shirley "LeCompte" Elgas                        

PO Box 3780 #252

Mesquite, NV 89024





04/13/22 09:46 AM #9    


Ronette (Ronnie) Harvey (Griggs) (1972)

Is the reunion still slated for the 8th July?

04/13/22 10:13 AM #10    

Robert Strebel (1972)

Yes Jul 8th. Sorry. Left the date off. That would be helpful 

04/13/22 12:40 PM #11    


Ronette (Ronnie) Harvey (Griggs) (1972)

What is the cost, can we pay at the door?


04/13/22 04:22 PM #12    

John Thomas (1972)

Is the evening for graduating class and their Spouses or significant others? Thank you, John Thomas

04/14/22 05:10 PM #13    


Ronette (Ronnie) Harvey (Griggs) (1972)

John I think it's safe to say spouse or significant other, but not smart to bring both, unless the same person. lol just getting in the party mood.

04/14/22 05:51 PM #14    

Alan Hansen (1972)

Bob, Would it be possible to add this to the morning sporting events? (50 meter shuffle) I can still compete at this event.

04/15/22 10:55 AM #15    

Robert Strebel (1972)

Any and all are welcome more info to come on cost etc.  yes Alan I'll add the 50 yd shuffle. I think there will be a lot of us competing 

04/16/22 10:38 AM #16    

Steve Acevedo (1972)

Alan, Bob we need to have two divisions for the 50 yard shuffle. With and without walkers.

04/16/22 11:18 PM #17    

Shirley LeCompte (Elgas) (1972)

Is there going to be a women's division?  Asking for a friend.


04/18/22 02:43 PM #18    


Ronette (Ronnie) Harvey (Griggs) (1972)

So I got out my year book and am remembering names and faces, memory is not what it use to be. This should be fun.


04/19/22 12:45 PM #19    

Alan Hansen (1972)

Steve, I am with you on the walker division. I have a HEMI on mine that was just tuned up and fresh Duct Tape holding it on. Shirley, are you asking about a womens division on the 50 meter shuffle? I think any lady will post  the fastest time! hahaha

04/27/22 12:10 PM #20    


Ronette (Ronnie) Harvey (Griggs) (1972)

Is there a cost and dress code yet?


04/28/22 09:57 AM #21    

Joseph Richard Willey (Willey) (1967)

I noted Ace posted something about adding additional shuttle races....ask him about the one he lost in the summer of 1970 when he and others who remain unamed were chased down by a graduate of the Class of 67 who though he was under attack by force of Viet Cong.  One of perhaps his longest nights on earth.


04/29/22 03:22 PM #22    

Robert Strebel (1972)

50 yr reunion:

Cost is $40/person  come dressed how you feel comfortable  deadline for headcount is June 30th  more info to come 




05/20/22 09:14 PM #23    

Jeffrey Macfarlane (1972)

05/20/22 09:15 PM #24    

Jeffrey Macfarlane (1972)

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