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04/13/22 04:22 PM #12    

John Thomas (1972)

Is the evening for graduating class and their Spouses or significant others? Thank you, John Thomas

04/14/22 05:10 PM #13    


Ronette (Ronnie) Harvey (Griggs) (1972)

John I think it's safe to say spouse or significant other, but not smart to bring both, unless the same person. lol just getting in the party mood.

04/14/22 05:51 PM #14    

Alan Hansen (1972)

Bob, Would it be possible to add this to the morning sporting events? (50 meter shuffle) I can still compete at this event.

04/15/22 10:55 AM #15    

Robert Strebel (1972)

Any and all are welcome more info to come on cost etc.  yes Alan I'll add the 50 yd shuffle. I think there will be a lot of us competing 

04/16/22 10:38 AM #16    

Steve Acevedo (1972)

Alan, Bob we need to have two divisions for the 50 yard shuffle. With and without walkers.

04/16/22 11:18 PM #17    

Shirley LeCompte (Elgas) (1972)

Is there going to be a women's division?  Asking for a friend.


04/18/22 02:43 PM #18    


Ronette (Ronnie) Harvey (Griggs) (1972)

So I got out my year book and am remembering names and faces, memory is not what it use to be. This should be fun.


04/19/22 12:45 PM #19    

Alan Hansen (1972)

Steve, I am with you on the walker division. I have a HEMI on mine that was just tuned up and fresh Duct Tape holding it on. Shirley, are you asking about a womens division on the 50 meter shuffle? I think any lady will post  the fastest time! hahaha

04/27/22 12:10 PM #20    


Ronette (Ronnie) Harvey (Griggs) (1972)

Is there a cost and dress code yet?


04/28/22 09:57 AM #21    

Joseph Richard Willey (1967)

I noted Ace posted something about adding additional shuttle races....ask him about the one he lost in the summer of 1970 when he and others who remain unamed were chased down by a graduate of the Class of 67 who though he was under attack by force of Viet Cong.  One of perhaps his longest nights on earth.


04/29/22 03:22 PM #22    

Robert Strebel (1972)

50 yr reunion:

Cost is $40/person  come dressed how you feel comfortable  deadline for headcount is June 30th  more info to come 




05/20/22 09:14 PM #23    

Jeffrey Macfarlane (1972)

05/20/22 09:15 PM #24    

Jeffrey Macfarlane (1972)

06/21/22 11:32 AM #25    


Ronette (Ronnie) Harvey (Griggs) (1972)

Was something suppose to come in the mail?

06/22/22 09:02 AM #26    

Jeffrey Macfarlane (1972)

Ronette, yes, you should have received an invitation in the mail. Do we have your current address?

I see you already paid for dinner and the program. Did you just get the info from that picture of the invitation?!

That's cool! I will update our list with the return address on your envelope! Thanks!


06/22/22 07:36 PM #27    

David Pearson (1972)

I didn't see any mention of spouses. What activities are forspouses and which are only for CHS graduates?

06/23/22 07:54 AM #28    

Jeffrey Macfarlane (1972)

All activities are for Classmates AND spouses.

06/24/22 07:15 AM #29    

Annette Brake (1972)

I'm excited that there is interest in the extra activities as in - modified softball game, "wink" " wink"..  It has been said, "if you build it they will come"!  I am planning to bring water, treats etc!!!  but would like a "sort of" count.  Please contact me.  or 360-888-0705  leave me a message.  I get lots of spam calls.

07/14/22 01:07 PM #30    


Ronette (Ronnie) Harvey (Griggs) (1972)

Thank you Alumni committee for putting on a very nice reunion. It was wonderful reconnecting with some old friends. Please let us know when the photos will be available. Bless you all.

07/22/22 10:19 AM #31    

Dave Young (1963)

Does anyone know what happened to Jeni Smith?  She would have been Class of 1964 or 1965.  She was gorgeous in my high school days and I am curious to see if she still has that glamour.  

11/08/22 03:11 PM #32    

John Wall (1972)

is ther any place that pictures was posted of our 50th reunion?

12/16/22 07:26 AM #33    

Cristina Ortega (1994)

It’s that time of year again…Falcons are Fabulous are raising money for another local charity! Please donate and help our young Falcons reach and exceed their goal!! Deadline is December 20!!

12/17/22 10:01 AM #34    

Cristina Ortega (1994)

CORRECTION, Deadline to donate is DECEMBER 19! 

It’s that time of year again…Falcons are Fabulous are raising money for another local charity! Please donate and help our young Falcons reach and exceed their goal!! Deadline is December 19!!

01/13/23 07:32 PM #35    

Gwendolyn Smith (Ehrlich) (1972)

$15-$18 hr pay for help
My 90 year old mom, Monica Newsome, who lives in Clinton Utah, lives at home with my sister and 
needs a companion.  She is a retired schoolteacher and assistant principal and was 
married to a retired army man who recently passed away.
She needs someone to fix a light lunch, drive to appointments, do light housekeeping,
play games, watch TV and keep Monica company.  She is on oxygen and has heart failure but is in pretty good health for an octogenarian.
We are looking for someone who likes old people - she can be stuborn sometimes but 
is very loving and loyal once she gets to know you.  She loves drives to Antelope Island and playing word games on her computer.
There are two small dogs in the house but her daughter takes care of them.
Just need someone loving and caring to help out - someone currently needing a purpose.

05/06/23 02:39 PM #36    

Joseph Richard Willey (1967)

Glen Paul Willey (Aug 25, 1951-April 20, 2023)  


Paul was the son of Joseph Glen and Arlene Holbrook Willey.  He was also the brother of Peggy, Jim, Richard, Brent, David, Darleen, and Jolene.  Paul was born at Hill Air Force Base, Utah and because his father was a career Army officer he grew up in many different places.  His father retired from the Army in May 1964.  Paul and the rest of the family returned to Utah eventually living in Syracuse.


A 1969 graduate of Clearfield High School, Paul also attended North Davis Junior High School.  He was a graduate of Weber State University and attended the University of Utah and University of Georgia.  In between his college days, Paul served a 2-year LDS mission to Germany. After Paul retired, he attended and graduated from the prestigious Le Cordon Blu Culinary School.


During his life Paul had a variety of jobs.  During his junior high and high school years he worked the farm fields of Syracuse and West Point, picking beans, thinning beets, hauling hay, harvesting potatoes, and working as a bag boy at the Hill Air Force Base commissary.  At one point he and his friends Mel Hawkins and Ralph Ferrara were miners in one of Utah’s coal mines.  After his university days Paul was a pharmaceutical salesman (a job he grew to dislike).  Paul eventually gravitated to the financial industry where he became a successful stockbroker in both Utah and Oregon.  After retiring, Paul opened a stationary food truck in downtown Portland featuring smoked BBQ.


Though married three times, Paul had no children, but many nieces and nephews. Until his death, he remained close to two of his former wives; Suzanne Verhaal and Stephanie Fox.


Paul was fortunate enough to have traveled worldwide and went to many places we all have on our bucket lists.


In 2016, Paul moved to Amelia Island, Florida to be closer to his older brother Richard (Joe).  In his words they lived close enough to one another to visit and check in with each other, yet far enough away to enjoy their own space.


Paul was a kind and generous man.  He was known to open his house and guest house to friends, children of friends, and semi-strangers.  Many of whom were in need.  Two of Paul’s proudest accomplishments were 1) the creation of the Marian Storey & LaVon Lake scholarships for graduates of Clearfield High School and 2) his unfaltering support of the Nepal Cleft and Burn Center.


Paul suffered from Congestive Heart Failure and a rare form of lymphoma.  In the early morning hours of April 20, 2023, Paul peacefully crossed through the veil at the Warner Center For Caring in Fernandina Beach, FL.  He is survived by his older sister Peggy of Lehi, UT, older brother Joe (AKA: Richard & J.R.) of Fernandina Beach, FL, his younger brother David of Athens, GA, and younger sister Jolene of Huntsville, UT, and his two feline boys Tigger and Daunte.


It was Paul’s wish that he be cremated and that there be no service.  We, his surviving siblings think he would appreciate those so inclined, to make donations in his name either in support of the CHS Scholarships-Willey (Marian Storey & LaVon Lake) Scholarship admistered thru (contact Person: Kristen Buchi 801-402-4483) or in support of the Nepal Cleft & Burn Center

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