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Yes! Attending Reunion
Class Year: 1979
School Story:

Soda Machine

When the first ever soda vending machine was installed at Clearfield High School, a big deal was made of the occasion. There were a series of announcements, as I recall, that were delivered over the public address system, where students were given the rundown on the new soda machine rules. People would queue up to buy soda between classes, and my being last in line made me late more than once. Teachers had to implement impromptu rules to regulate soda pop use in the classroom. Some banned it outright.

Upon my attendance at the 2009 class reunion, I witnessed a vast hall, located near the lunchroom, and it was filled with humming refrigerated vending machines. In 1979, across the street from the school, in the swimming pool lobby, there were pinball tables and a snack vending machine in the lobby. And the pool would sell soda over the counter there, as well. Maybe the school bean counters decided they could play that game too. Deals were made and the school chose one of the popular soda brands and installed its vending machine in our hallowed halls.

Personally, I used to like to stand there in the lobby at the pool, all decked out in my school clothes; my Mork & Mindy-style suspenders, chrome studded t-shirt, white elephant flare jeans topped off with a pair of crumbling sneakers. And I would enjoy an orange soda while playing a few games of pinball during lunch break. Now there are all sorts of coin-op vending machines next to the lunchroom, but as far as I could tell, no pinball. I have seen the future and it requires exact change, but there is a dollar bill changer at door.

5/28/2016 Addendum: My brother, who is two years my younger, tells me that North Davis Junior High got a soda machine at the same time C.H.S. did, and that the students were only allowed to use the vending machine at certain times of day. He also reminded me that C.H.S. had a canteen that was in operation during lunch hours. Now that he mentions it, I do remember working at the canteen (where I was working off demerits garnered for tardiness, or something like that), and soda was sold out of an ice cooler there. Was it Pep Club that ran the canteen or was it some other club?

What's on your bucket list?

I want to be anarchy.

What gives you "FALCON PRIDE"?

A parking space by the pool.

Any advice for your fellow Alumni?

Swim. Swim like the wind.

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Cory Nishijima (Class of 1978) wins a medal.
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Photography Teacher Mr. Davenport works in classroom (circa 1978).
Photography by Mark Harris
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Happy birthday to me!

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A Mortarboard is a Mortarboard.

Mark's grandmother wanted him to wear this cap and gown for his graduation photo.