Gwendolyn Smith Ehrlich

Profile Updated: October 2, 2023
Class Year: 1972
Residing In: Denver, CO USA
Spouse/Partner: James Ehrlich
Children: No
Homepage: www.gmariecointeriors
Occupation: Interior Dedigner
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School Story:

When I went to Clearfield High I was one of maybe 3 black kids in the school and it was really weird since I was also NOT Mormon. But I made the best of it.

Tried out for cheerleading and didn't get it. Went to the games anyway.

Tried to be popular but stunk at making friends outside my neighborhood. Stayed friends with the neighbor kids.

Worked at the swimming pool in the summer but it was apparently so boring that one summer was enough. Decided to move to LA and go to Woodbury business College - to get out of Utah and see the world

Ended up back in Utah after a summer at a dress shop between semesters and decided to go to Utah State. Majored in pre-law. Moved to Detroit and then on to Turkey, Korea, Panama and finally Denver. I worked for a designer named Ishinoo in Seoul and was hooked on the fashion and design industry.

Then I found a modeling career and went to SLC to work for Sussy McCarty's Agency. I found fashion, fast paced living, colorful peole and beautiful older mentors.

High school was just part of a journey that I am still traveling through today.

Share your story since high school.

Today I am an Interior Designer in Denver Colorado and it has given me a whole different meaning to the word Friend. Some of my clients have become friends and some have become just business acquaintances. I have learned that being popular is not about how many people you can have in your rolodex but how many people come to your aide when in need. Thats usually only a handful.

I have created homes for people that were appointed by the president of the US as Federal Judges, people from Canada and Mexico, people who work as doctors and lawyers and people who just have a lot of money, (SMILES)

I like creating spaces that are comfortable, inviting and beautiful. I have
a gift for putting fabrics and textures and colors together and I love sharing that gift.

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Life is a journey- pack what you need to survive - a warm smile, kindness and friends

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