Becky Hopper Hatch/Leer

Profile Updated: September 17, 2011
Class Year: 1975
Residing In: Portland, OR USA
Spouse/Partner: ex-Jeff Hatch seperated from lonny Leer
Children: Jacey Sue Hatch/Morris is Jeff Hatch and my daughter she is 31.
Lindsay Kay Leer is 21 and Lonny More…Leer and my daughter, is having a baby boy in August
Jacey is married to Justin Morris they have my two granddaughters Haley May and Rhian Joyce
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Occupation: I am disabled
Yes! Attending Reunion
How did you meet?

High School

School Story:

I was one of the crazy cowgirls at school, there were very few of us and people didn't care to much for us, it was as you know the world of hippies at the time.:)
I remember putting country music on the jute box in the lunch room and everyone hating it.
I was out in the back parking lot all the time being a bad girl.
I loved the bunch I hung around with, Dyann Beus, Kathy Pederson, Betty ? Tammy ? Richard Barton
and Jeff Hatch who I married after we graduated.
Tim Chavez was a year older than me I lived with him for some time after I divorced Jeff, I would love to connect with him again.
my brother Randy went there when I was there, I made a bad name for ourselves so he had a lot to fix after I wore out the teachers. He was and is a very good person.
the youngest Stacy went there too.
he was a trouble maker like me
I loved sports I always had a basketball team named Becky's grassHoppers
I would give anything to connect with people I went to school so please contact me.

I have a wonderful friend named Bailey Joe he is an Affenpincher the first toy dog. bred in Germany he is very cute and very cool.

Share your story since high school.

I moved to Portland Oregon right after st helens blew, everyone thought I was crazy, it was very cool to be here at that time, I saw many small eruptions, I am surrounded by volcanoes.
I married Lonny Leer in 84 he was a drummer, very tall, cute with the biggest head of curley hair.
we had a daughter Lindsay Kay she is now 21 and going to have a baby boy in august. she is an awesome person she is going to colledge to be a vet asistant she wants to be with equine vets she has a horse named Patches we have had her for about 8 years she is white, an anglo-arab, while Lindsay is at school I am taking care of her, I love being with her.
Lonny and I are separated at this time and I am not handling it very well, I am alone living in an apartment that I hate, I have never been alone before.

What's on your bucket list?


What gives you "FALCON PRIDE"?

The teachers

Any advice for your fellow Alumni?

everyone should join and spread the news about this place. Love the earth and all living beings.

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