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Profile Updated: June 7, 2021
Class Year: 2018
Spouse/Partner: Cole McDermid
Occupation: McDonald's crew member
Yes! Attending Reunion
School Story:

I'm glad I found this site. It's nice to see that our great school will never be forgotten. I grew up in Utah and moved to Ohio late last year (2020). Though, to all the friends I met in high school, I wanna say thank you. The memories I did make with you all was really fun. All the school band concerts, football and basketball games, the clubs I had the privilege of joining some of the time. There is one memory I'd like to share. When I was in jazz band in junior year, I remember my band mates backing me up when one of my parents thought I wasn't using my instrument, but a school instrument instead. My trumpet at the time had a bent bell and I had been practicing with a flugelhorn for a while. I did end up using my instrument, but that day I knew I made some life long friends. We were family. Mess with one of us, you got all of us sort of thing. I ended up crying a bit back stage but they comforted me and calmed me down. It was the best show of my life, and I knew this guys had my back. To my band mates of that day, thank you. I hope to see you guys soon when I move back to Utah. You guys are my school brothers. Along with a few others. But still, to everyone I met in high school, thank you for being in my life. Lets meet again some time in the future.

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Ok. Confession time. I didn't graduate from Clearfield High. I got my diploma a year and a half later at an adult high. Still, I always will consider Clearfield High as my school. Since then I've gotten multiple jobs, moved across the country, and got to grow my YouTube channel at bit (though as of writing this, June 7th, 2021 I have only 54 subs). And I met the love of my life. Hes kind, caring, sweet, and a great protector. We plan on meeting soon. To those that want updates on this, add me on Facebook (the one with a red "W" on a black background) or following my Twitter, @Warriorpi, or Instagram, Warrior_pi. Though please don't use my real name. Not yet.

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